Vander Craft

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Building Phantoms since 1992

The London Boat show in January 1992 saw the first appearance of the fibreglass Vander Craft Phantom.

Following some composite Phantoms in the early eighties built by Paul Young and Phil Milanes, principle movers at the time in Rondar Race boats, Jeff felt that an all fibre glass boat was a possibility. With Paul assisting Jeff took a plug from the old mould , and re-worked it. Jeff then set about constructing a new deck mould, which incorporated the new self draining cockpit. The first boat was 929, bought by Tony Fastnedge (Lyme Regis SC).

After a slow start the Vander Craft Phantom really took off after 1996. Following a short run of boats being built by Rondar the production was moved to Exmoor, where the hull and deck have gone through a steady development process, all improvements minor and invisible to all but the expert. These led to a lightweight yet strong and durable Phantom.

2002 saw the greatest period of change when Vander Craft changed to the new epoxy technology, with a new builder in Bristol, as well as agreeing a marketing arrangement with Pinnel & Bax, for whom Jeff is full of praise and thanks Nick Beloe and P & B for their help in promoting the Phantom to the sailing community.

Jeff is not one to rest on his laurels. He has made a new deck mould which has tidied up and deepened the gunnel flanges as well as improve the surface finish. Recent upgrades to the hull mould have incorporated a new slot gasket. He has also incorporated a new internal mast support. In fact, the latest boats are already pretty light, helped by the recent trend towards very small centreboards.

In 2007 another milestone was reached when Ovington Ltd took over the production of the Vander Craft Phantom hull. As manufacturers of 49ers, 29ers, and other Olympic classes, there production skills and expertise raised the latest Phantom to a new level.

Jeff is now very happy with his product and can now boast somewhere in the region of 90% of Phantoms being sailed today are Vander Craft Phantoms.

With his contacts at Wavelength, Banks Sails, Milanes Foils and Proctor Masts Jeff can offer boats at any stage of completion, from a bare hull to a boat fitted out exactly to your specification.

Jeff is always happy to answer any questions you may have about your existing Phantom, boats for sale second hand, build specification, or should you be thinking of buying one; he will be pleased to talk to you about the various options available. Visit the contacts page to find out how to get in touch with Vander Craft.

The stock of second hand boats is always changing. If you are thinking of buying a new Phantom, get in contact with Jeff who is always happy to consider a trade in.