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K2 The two man keelboat

The K2 two man keelboat combines a low chine hull with lifting bulb keel to ensure high stability and great sailing performance in a modern user-friendly design.


The K2 is a 4.7m (15.5ft) dinghy with lifting bulb keel for racing or general recreational sailing with 2 or more crew. It combines a light and sleek chine hull with a 62kg bulb keel to create a fast and forgiving dinghy with the sailing qualities of a small keelboat.

It is designed to sail with a small angle of heel so that the bulb weight provides righting moment and hence contributes to potential speed as well as increasing stability. Stability further increases as it heels in gusts, ensuring smooth sailing motion and greatly reducing the risk of knock down, and if the boat is knocked down it is self-righting without crew intervention in most conditions.

The crew can sit comfortably on the ergonomically designed cockpit seats with plenty of leg room in the cockpit or sit out and may hike in stronger winds for extra windward speed.

The hull mouldings and rig are as light as practical so that K2 can be handled easily on shore for launching and recovery. The hull weight is kept low by lightweight foam sandwich construction which is vacuum consolidated to ensure strong and stiff mouldings.

The modern rig comprises a North Mylar mainsail of square top design which is both powerful but easily controlled and de-powered in a blow. Alternatively a Dacron sail with reef may be used so sail area can be reduced in a breeze. The jib is Dacron and can goose-wing square with an optional fly-away pole for running downwind when sailing with two sails only. The optional asymetric spinnaker provides extra power for fast offwind sailing.

The keel is lowered and lifted easily with the boat in the water by a simple block and tackle which is stowed in a cockpit bag in the boat. The rudder lifts so the boat can be launched in shallow water to sail out to deeper water before dropping the keel. The K2 can be launched and recovered like any other dinghy and fits a standard combination trailer for towing.


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